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  • With his experience as a Travel Blogger, Mehdi developed a passion for Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Seduced by the idea of changing people's life through modelling, he joined the team to assume Marketing and Branding responsibilities at Modelling You.

    Mehdi Fliss
    Marketing Manager
  • Dream maker, smile ambassador, optimistic and global thinker. With Modelling You, she aspires to create a platform to mix networking, entertainment, photography and self development.

    Lilo Yu
    Founder and CEO
  • New York- and Los Angeles-trained, Masa has an internationally recognized portfolio in fashion, glamour, celebrity and entertainment photography. He is responsible in the management of Modelling You photographers, which includes recruitment and training.

    Masatoshi Yamashiro
    Photographer in Chief
Why ModellingYou?

Cause it's all about attitude..

Humans of New York is one of my favorite blog, I was impressed by how Brandon Stanton can show happiness and positive vibes in normal humans' stories. Through photography, he introduced to the world the reality of a city like New York and even if the scenes he used to shoot had nothing special, they are authentic, real and therefore, beautiful!

And it's at that moment that I started to think about modelling and I asked myself: why do we see the same kind of people in all the fashion magazine. Is that the ultimate definition of being beautiful nowadays? Definitely not. But I understood something. Our behaviour and our self esteem define everything. And Amy Cuddy from Harvard clearly demonstrated it.

Your posture has a huge impact on your hormonal activities and it's therefore a game changer in your life. Face your challenges with power posing and you will achieve your dreams. That's how I came up with the idea of Modelling You. I want to offer to our clients a stage and help them to develop themselves through Modelling.

Look confident and you will be confident. Be confident and you will become unstoppable.

Live your dreams and never give up. 

You are beautiful!

Lilo, founder of Modelling You